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Storytelling and Adventure[edit | edit source]

Single Player in To the Death is played from each warrior’s perspective. You alternate control over each of the two warriors on a collision course with each other, each side moving in opposing directions.

  • Unravel the Story - Discover the story behind the vendetta as you progress.
  • Explore the Crawl - Freely roam the Crawl map as you choose your next battle and uncover many secrets along the way.
  • Customize each warrior – Choose each warrior’s powers independently, trying out new abilities and builds at the same time.
  • Defeat hordes of enemies – The Crawl’s armies attack strategically from all directions, take them down in style.
  • Nothing stands in your way – Your warriors must defeat the final boss together, the last obstacle between their final fight with each other.

Deep Combat[edit | edit source]

  • Shred scores of enemy AI that die in spectacular ways. Synergize your abilities and create combos to take down the armies of the Crawl.
  • Overpowers – Time your attacks correctly to unleash devastating upgraded attacks.
  • Sword Charge – Sharpen and power up your weapon by dragging it on the ground at full speed.
  • Enemies Become Weapons – Knock enemies into each other with your attacks, causing a powerful domino effect of damage.
  • Deflect Attacks - Knock back projectiles and upgrade your defenses to defend yourself in creative ways.
  • Adapt to Win – A diverse selection of enemy types that demand synergistic use of all your abilities.

Many Ways to Customize[edit | edit source]

  • Building your warrior is a seamless process with on-the-fly character building and an element of chance with perks to influence the odds into your favor, keeping the experience fresh and exciting every game.
  • Progress – Hit milestones to permanently unlock new powers and upgrades.
  • Complete Trials – Each level presents a set of trials that can be completed to accelerate your advancement and unlock new rewards.
  • In-game Customization – The game pauses and allows you to choose your next character build choice without having to leave the game.
  • Stack the Odds – Strategically stack the odds in your favor with perks that bend the rules in many different ways.

One of a Kind Multiplayer[edit | edit source]

  • To the Death’s head-to-head multiplayer is a mash-up of arcade action, strategic character building, and intense fighting.
  • Battle and Build – Fight through waves of enemies as you upgrade and empower your warrior to take down your opponent.
  • Splitscreen Strategy – See your opponents progression and build choices to adapt and react in your on-the-fly customization.
  • Mutual Enemy – Merge screens and take down the only thing between you and the other player together, the final boss.
  • End the Vendetta – Use your chosen upgrades and abilities in the intense final fight versus the other player.

Couch Combat[edit | edit source]

Choose from many different ways to play with friends on the same machine.

  • Co-Op – Play locally with a friend on the same team.
  • Splitscreen Head-to-Head – Engage in the full head-to-head vs. multiplayer experience.
  • Fast Fight – Immediately jump into battle with no enemy interference, 1v1 to the death!

Empowering Controls[edit | edit source]

The control scheme utilizes easy, natural controls for both gamepads and keyboard/mouse.

  • Gamepad Precision Aim – Point the Right Stick to attack or defend in any direction for full 360 degree control.
  • Keyboard + Mouse Config - Use your mouse to aim where you want to attack or defend. Use your keyboard for movement and other hotkeys.
  • Modifiers – Switch out powers for your melee, ranged, and defense slots. Easy and intuitive controls on both PC and gamepad keep it simple but deep.

Quick Fix or Stay Awhile[edit | edit source]

With To the Death's unique structure and game modes, players can play for a few minutes or for hours on end. To the Death is designed to load quickly and get you into the action as fast as possible.